Ard Credit: Pioneering the Stock Market in 2024

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  • 2024-02-07
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Ard Credit: Pioneering the Stock Market in 2024


In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Telmen G., Chief Executive Officer of Ard Credit NBFI JSC, a trailblazing financial institution poised to release additional shares to the public. As the stock market landscape evolves, Ard Credit stands at the forefront of change, ready to redefine the fintech industry.

The 2023 Stock Market Surge

The year 2023 witnessed remarkable growth in the stock market. Banks and payment system companies launched their initial public offerings (IPOs), granting the public access to their shares for the first time. Companies like qPay and MOST Fintech became household names, bringing financial services closer to our daily lives. As Chief Executive Officer, Telmen G. reflects on this transformative period:

“Financial services have shrunk to fit in the palm of our hands. Customers now have the power to take charge of their financial decisions. As a company committed to building a nation of investors, we wholeheartedly embrace these initiatives.”

Ard Credit’s Next Move: Additional Shares in 2024

In 2019, Ard Credit NBFC JSC made history by launching its IPO, raising a substantial 5.3 billion MNT. Since then, Ard Credit has consistently ranked among the top 20 companies on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Category I. With the largest shareholder base among non-bank finance institutions, Ard Credit has become synonymous with financial innovation.

Beyond Online Loans: Ard Credit’s Fintech Journey

Ard Credit shattered the stereotype that fintech merely provides online loans. Over the past five years, the company has pioneered groundbreaking products and services, demonstrating that fintech encompasses far more. Telmen G. elaborates:

“Our journey has been about empowering individuals, fostering financial literacy, and creating investment opportunities. Issuing additional shares signifies our evolution—a testament to our commitment to Mongolia’s economic growth.”

The Future of Ard Credit

As Ard Credit prepares to release additional shares in 2024, the company’s vision remains clear: to elevate fintech beyond transactional convenience. With each step forward, Ard Credit solidifies its position as a catalyst for financial inclusion and prosperity.