Mongol Basalt introduces new production line

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  • 2024-02-19
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Mongol Basalt introduces new production line

  Mongol Basalt JSC reported that the 2,248 tons of rockwool insulation material produced in 2023, which reduced 58,543 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. During the reporting period, it was emphasized that 78,266.4 MW of energy was saved by rockwool insulation materials. In addition, the company is also implementing the green project “GROWOOL”, which can produce sustainable food in four seasons without depending on climate and weather, and was expanded in 2023 to build a four-season hydroponic greenhouse, and it is planned to be put into operation in 2024.

The company has the opportunity to become the world’s leading producer of high-tech, innovative products and become an exporter of raw materials in the Central Asian market. It is the leading company in the field of technology research and experimental development in Basalt mineralization. Mongol Basalt reported that its 2023 revenue was down about 20 percent from the previous year. The company emphasized that the price of the product was reduced by more than 35 percent. In addition, the Mongol Basalt company started to build a new production line. This expansion highlights the company’s goal of doubling its existing production capacity to produce more than 50,000 tons of products per year and introducing new energy-efficient solutions.