‘World Circus’ performs

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  • 2024-03-25
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‘World Circus’ performs

Continental and world-famous circus actors came to our country for the 10th year. They are ready to deliver another performance with the “World Circus in Mongolia”. Since 2013, the non-governmental organization “Mongolian Circus Development Center” has been inviting the best artists from the continent and the world to organize public performances regularly. The performances will begin on March 30 and will be held every Saturday and Sunday at the AIC Steppe Arena for three weeks. 

The World Circus in Mongolia includes seven types of performances, and more than 90 international and 30 Mongolian artists will participate in performing their best of bests. As part of this, for the first time in Mongolia, a pair of circus arenas is being built. Also, four tigers, two lions, an animal trainer and a director from the Circus of Tashkent, Uzbekistan came to participate in the performance. Eight poodles were also brought from Astana, Kazakhstan. Performing with truly breathtaking skill, many circus performers have been training as professionals for their whole lives. Their shows illustrate incredible expertise in a wide range of areas. Over a decade, the artists, and performers have been keeping the audience on the edges of their seats taking their breath away.