‘Road-2024’ commences

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  • 2024-05-15
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‘Road-2024’ commences

The servicemen of the second Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force who are participating in the joint military engineering exercise “Road-2024” between the Mongolian Armed Forces and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, have arrived in Mongolia. The representatives of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force were welcomed by the Mongolian leader of the training, and Chief of Construction and Engineering Forces, Lt. Col. G.Munkhbat, and Commander of the Unit No. 234 of the Armed Forces, Col. G.Erdenebayar at the area where the training will take place.

In this “Road-2024” joint training, a practice school will be held to build paved roads instead of rough areas and mountainous areas. The training team of the Mongolian Armed Forces has come to the training site 14 days before the start of the joint school and independently organized theoretical and practical training. The management group of the Mongolian side presented the training activities conducted independently and discussed the content of the training plan to be carried out together in the future.