First Air Show exhibited

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First Air Show exhibited

On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the Air Force, Buyant-Ukhaa Air Show was held on May 26 and 27.

Internationally, this type of air show is widely held, and air force aircraft exhibitions and air shows are also distinguished by the fact that they promote and present the profession of this industry to the public.

For our country, the show was held on a large scale for the first time on the 12-hectare runway of Buyant Ukhaa Airport.

During the two days of the show, many exciting events happened such as parachute demonstrations, aircraft displays, parades, high-altitude search and rescue demonstrations, vintage and modern aircraft displays, and art performances.

Among these, the organizers highlighted MiG-29 combat aircraft the most. There are six MiG-29 aircraft in our country, which were first ordered in 2011 and received in 2018. The maximum speed of the MiG-29 aircraft is 2,450 km/h, and the flight altitude is 18,013 meters.

At the airport, 28 types of airplanes, both large and small were presented, and you could enter and take pictures freely. A total of 15 parachutists from the Mongolian Parachute Sports Association and NEMA performed.

In addition, festival participants were offered a 30-minute flight around Ulaanbaatar and also, small aircraft flied around Buyant-Ukhaa.

The show consisted of two parts, where an air show and other activities aimed at families and children took place, and after 17:00 there was a music festival featuring international DJs and Mongolian singers and rappers. The organizers emphasized that it is a rare opportunity to listen to a DJ set at a special national facility.

Afterwards, there was a dog show, which exhibited of trained dogs of NEMA in practice and how they could smell illegal substances and tricks by jumping and running.

As the 98th anniversary of Air Force takes place, it’s important to give some information regarding the first airplane. In 1924, there was a decision made by the administrators of Ulaanbaatar city to purchase an airplane. At that time, Mongolia’s economic situation was difficult, so they started collecting donations from citizens to buy airplanes.
In order to buy airplanes for the country, citizens donated everything from gold and silver items to horses. A native of Bogd Khan mountain province (now Bulgan province) Lama Navaan, once gave the largest donation (500 horses) for the purchase of a plane.

Thus, on May 25, 1925, Mongolia was able to purchase with public funds, the six-seater “Yunkers F-13” (YU-13) aircraft manufactured in Germany. The plane was driven by four Russian pilots led by A. Lapin from Ulaan-Uud and landed at the aerodrome specially prepared for by the Consulate. This is how the history of Mongolia’s air force began. Even great writer D.Natsagdorj, wrote his famous story “Surprised by Culture” about this important event.
A month after receiving the first plane, two more “Yu-13” planes were added. Soon after that, the arrival of three “R-1” fighter planes marked the establishment of the first flying squadron named after Sukhbaatar.
Interestingly, even before A. Lapin, in June 1921, at the request of the Provisional Government of Mongolia, two airplanes of the aviation detachment commanded by F. Astakhov landed on the north bank of the Selenge River near the Ahai Monastery, which was the first time Mongolians heard of and saw the magic of an aircraft.