Bank cards to be used on bus

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  • 2024-06-10
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Bank cards to be used on bus

The Governor of the capital city and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City, Kh.Nyambaatar previously announced that a head-counting device would be installed in order to register and detail the number of people traveling by bus. It attracted the attention of many, receiving a great amount of criticism as well. Thus, the device has been installed and is now working normally. “30,000 MNT-40,000 MNT goes into the pockets of bus drivers every day. Head counting devices will be installed to solve this problem and improve the revenue of the public transportation sector. The number of registered passengers of the card reader and the head counting device must match,” said the Governor of the capital city and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar last March.

The main purpose of using the device is to stop passengers from giving cash to drivers. However, this device is currently being used for research purposes. In other words, it is a detailed study of payment information, such as how much money is coming into the budget from public transportation. As it is in the research stage, it has not yet been decided what responsibility will be imposed on the guilty party if the payment information deviates from the number of passengers. The officials from the Public Transport Department of the capital city said that this device is a human recognition program. It is also planned to introduce a new public transportation payment system. The new payment system is installed in every bus. With the help of this device, people can pay by using cards of Trade and Development Bank, Golomt Bank and Khaan Bank. It has not yet been decided when it will be put into use. Even though a new payment system has been installed or placed, there is no valid or dependable information on whether to get rid of the old ones.