Comprehensive approach to preventing crimes related to women and girls underscored

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  • 2024-03-10
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Comprehensive approach to preventing crimes related to women and girls underscored

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and representatives of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), as well as the Women's Fund (UN Women), held a meeting on a collaborative effort to address crimes causing the loss of human life, particularly those affecting women and girls in Mongolia. NHRC, in collaboration with various entities such as the Crime Prevention Coordinating Council Secretariat, UNODC, the Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics Project in the Asia-Pacific Region, implemented by the Statistics Office of the Republic of Korea and the Korean research department at the UN Women, is set to implement a research project to assess the statistics of the murder of women and girls in Mongolia. By this initiative, the stakeholders demonstrate a commitment to addressing gender-based violence and crimes affecting women and girls. The meeting involved key figures, including commissioner B.Enkhbold, program officer at the UNODC Hansol Jung, researcher Claudia Pontoglio, researcher and data specialist of the UN Women Yunkoo Lee, and project consultant Sh.Chuluunbat.

The meeting included an exchange of opinions on the current situation and numerical indicators of crimes causing the loss of human life, with a particular focus on women and girls in Mongolia. Commissioner B.Enkhbold presented the NHRC's policies and activities related to the protection of the rights of girls and women. These activities include conducting research and inspections on gender-based violence, loss of life, and sexual violence, and incorporating findings into the report “On the State of Human Rights and Freedoms in Mongolia”. The development of the “Human Rights Index” by the National Committee of the National People's Republic of China was highlighted. This index is expected to emphasize the importance of the research project in calculating basic parameters related to the right to life and aims to classify and detail the number and statistics of crimes involving the loss of life of women and girls based on specific indicators.

Emphasis was also placed on the importance of creating, exchanging information within the framework of the law, and taking prompt measures through inter-sectoral coordination to address crimes and human rights violations.