Cooperation with Belarus to strengthen in restoring Mongolia’s forestry

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  • 2024-03-17
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Cooperation with Belarus to strengthen in restoring Mongolia’s forestry

At the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs B.Battsetseg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Aleinik paid an official visit to Mongolia on March 14-17. During his visit, Minister Sergei Aleinik paid a courtesy call on President U.Khurelsukh. During the meeting, both sides expressed satisfaction with the current state of bilateral relations and reaffirmed their commitments to further enhancing cooperation in various fields, including trade, economy, education, culture, and tourism. The Belarusian minister conveyed warm greetings from the President of Belarus and emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between the two countries. He highlighted Belarus' interest in expanding economic cooperation with Mongolia, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, industry, and technology. President U.Khurelsukh expressed Mongolia's appreciation for Belarus' support and cooperation over the years and reiterated Mongolia's commitment to deepening bilateral relations. He emphasized the importance of mutual respect, trust, and understanding in further advancing the partnership between the two countries. Both sides discussed regional and international issues of mutual interest and exchanged views on ways to enhance cooperation within the framework of regional organizations and forums. In particular, the president seeked potential cooperation for Mongolia's ambitious plans under the “Billion Trees” and “Food Supply and Security” campaigns, spearheaded by U.Khurelsukh and implementation of joint projects under these campaigns to address environmental and food security challenges. 

The meeting between the Mongolian president and Belarusian foreign affairs minister concluded with a reaffirmation of the strong bonds of friendship and bilateral cooperation and a commitment to work together to further strengthen and diversify bilateral relations for the mutual benefit and their peoples.

The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Uladzimir Syanko, to Mongolia in 1996 marked the first official visit at the level of minister of foreign affairs. The fact that this visit of Sergei Aleinik is the second at the ministerial level in 28 years highlights the significance attached to enhancing cooperation between the two countries. The composition of the Belarusian delegation included high-ranking officials from various sectors such as industry, agriculture, and food, as well as over 20 business representatives.

The minister of foreign affairs, B.Battsetseg also welcomed the Belarusian counterpart and both parties acknowledged the significance of this visit as a testament to the growing engagement and cooperation between Mongolia and Belarus. During their discussions, both parties delved into the future objectives of their bilateral cooperation, outlining specific projects and programs to be pursued collaboratively. The dignitaries reached an agreement to broaden cooperation across various sectors, aiming to deepen ties and achieve mutual benefits. Key areas identified for expanded cooperation included trade, economy, food, agriculture, education, science, environment, and emergency. By focusing on these sectors, the countries sought to leverage their respective strengths and resources to foster sustainable development and address shared challenges. 

For instance, as part of the “Billion Trees” national movement, discussions centered on fostering cooperation in various aspects related to forestry and environmental conservation. Specifically, the dialogue included plans for technology transfer, capacity building, and expert training initiatives aimed at enhancing Mongolia's capabilities in sustainable forestry practices.

Additionally, both parties explored avenues for creating resources to support seed planting efforts, combat forest pests, and implement forest restoration projects in specific regions of Mongolia. These initiatives underscore the commitment to preserving and restoring Mongolia's forests, which are expected to play a crucial role in biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, and mitigating the effects of climate change. The parties have reached an agreement to establish a roadmap document outlining the development of cooperation between Mongolia and the Republic of Belarus for the period of two years. This roadmap aims to expand and strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation between the two nations across various sectors. Following the official negotiations, both the minister of foreign affairs, B.Battsetseg and the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Belarus, S.F. Aleynik briefed representatives of the press on the outcomes of their discussions, including highlighting key agreements, initiatives, and areas of cooperation identified during the negotiations.