PMIC Ulaanbaatar 2K24 organized

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PMIC Ulaanbaatar 2K24 organized

The final matches for the championship of the international tournament “PMIC Ulaanbaatar 2K24” were held on March 24 at the “AIC Steppe Arena”. In this tournament, the world champions and the best 18 teams from East Asia competed and the champions were announced. 360 teams were registered and the top 16 teams of PUBG Mobile Global Championship-2023 and PUBG Mobile Super League competed against each other for the PUBG Mobile Invitational City 2024. Moreover, artists such as DJ Una, Nene, Ahuna, and 290 were invited to perform for a large-scale and international competition which has never been held in Mongolia before. Challenger AKA, Iole Gaming, RÍONA, Cofiin, and Xacmoon explained the games. The tournament was organized to open the door for Mongolian e-sport field to be known to the world. The “PMIC Ulaanbaatar 2K24” is planned to be held as an annual event and aims to be held in a manner that showcases technological advancements such as stage, screen and sound that meet international standards.

In the tournament, nine Mongolian teams, such as 4Merical Vibes, NB Esports, and champion of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023 “IHC Esports” participated in. 11 teams participated from the country and seven teams played online. The prize fund was 10,000 USD. After six games, “Viking Esports” from Mongolia took the first place with 143 points and won the prize of 3,300 USD. “Mabetex Esports” from Mongolia took second place with 136 points, “NB Esports” from Bangladesh got into the third place with 129 points, and “IHC Esports” from Mongolia took fourth place with 122 points. In addition, U.Dulguun of 4Merical Vibes team was named the most valuable player of the tournament. 



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