Rental scooters increased in number

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  • 2024-03-27
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Rental scooters increased in number


“Jet Sharing Mongolia” LLC started a scooter rental service in the spring of last year with the aim of reducing traffic congestion in Ulaanbaatar City. The service was stopped for a while last winter due to slipperiness on roads. 

This year, the number of rental scooters has doubled. 100 of them have been put into service as a test from March 14. 6,000 scooters are planned to be officially put into service from April 1. Last year, when 3,000 scooters were produced, 90 percent of them were broken, and the workers from the company repaired them throughout the winter. The newly imported scooters have the advantage of having a shock absorber and a portable battery. In addition, the mobile application has been configured and the menu of the application has been translated into Mongolian language.