Meat processing companies forced to halt operation

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  • 2024-03-29
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Meat processing companies forced to halt operation


There is information on social media channels that during the inspection of some meat processing plants, violations such as “meatballs prepared from carcasses” were found. In this regard, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry clarified, “There has not been any preparation of the meat of carcasses estimated. In other words, it is unofficial and false information”. “However, unplanned inspections revealed 49 meat processing and livestock slaughtering plants as high risk. Therefore, it is true that their activities and operations have been stopped according to the decision of the state inspector general. Looking at it from the view of hygiene, it was not possible to use it for food. Irregularities were discovered during inspections organized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry", say the officials. 

 In accordance with the order No. A/253 of 2023 approved by the Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry and the directive of the State Inspector General of Sectors No. 08-00-02/29 for conducting unplanned inspections, the inspection was organized on the livestock meat processing plants, workshops, and thermal meat processing plants nationwide. According to the results of the inspection, the conclusion of the state (senior) inspector issued to a total of 49 animal slaughtering and meat processing factories that did not meet the requirements of the “Technical Regulation of Production and Trade of Meat and Meat Products” approved by Government Resolution No. 224 of 2022, the operation has been canceled, relevant measures have been taken, and the directions for implementation have been submitted to the General Authority of Veterinary Services, the provincial and the Capital City Department of Food and Agriculture.

The National Police Agency clarified that “In the Law on Infringement, officers, employees and state inspectors of 64 organizations have the right to investigate violations. In the Article 6.44 of the Law, it is stated that inspectors of the relevant department investigate, finalize and issue conclusions on violations of the laws on ensuring the safety of food products. Therefore, the veterinary departments are said to investigate and resolve problems related to spoiled meat as stated in the Law”.