Ensuring gender equality in media discussed

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  • 2024-04-01
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Ensuring gender equality in media discussed

A symposium named “Ensuring gender equality in the media sector” was held on March 28. The symposium was organized to increase cooperation among the government and social media channels’ influencers to have initiatives to fight against gender-based discrimination in the online environment. 

It is an ethical principle of the media profession not to discriminate against anyone and not to fall victim to stereotypes and misconceptions when reporting the facts and news. Therefore, the Media Council took the lead in ensuring gender equality and organized the symposium in cooperation with the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar. During the conference, the British Ambassador to Mongolia, Fiona Blyth said, “By adhering to media ethics principles, there will be an opportunity to get rid of discrimination, and increase the political participation of women”. Radharani Mitra, international creative consultant of “BBC Media Action” participated in the conference and shared the international experience on how to create equality in the media sector, as well.