Bodio’s brand introduces products to tourists

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  • 2024-04-01
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Bodio’s brand introduces products to tourists

Industry experts say that foreign tourists who come to our country get to know the activities of large national companies, including producers of wool and cashmere products. For example, there are last year’s statistics indicating that 23 percent of all tourists who came to Mongolia got acquainted with the products of “Gobi” JSC. Moreover, Bayalag-Ulzii LTD, which is known in the market for the production of wool and cashmere clothing, announced its readiness to cooperate with tour operators, guides, and commentators in promoting its Bodio’s brand to tourists. Bodio’s makes a specialty and an art out of collecting, processing and knitting one of the rare natural products called yak wool.  

In this regard, the company organized a familiarization day for tourists on March 28. During which, officials introduced the services and products to tourists and discussed the possibility of cooperation. They planned not only to introduce their brand products to the tourists, but also to show them the activities of their primary and knitting factories, which meet international standards. Bayalag-Ulzii LTD produces knitted and woven clothes from yak wool, goat cashmere, and net wool, and currently has branches in Ulaanbaatar and the State Department Store.