Nearly 230 cases transferred to court

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  • 2024-04-10
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Nearly 230 cases transferred to court

On April 1-5, the Prosecutor’s Office made indictments on 228 cases and transferred them to court for decision. In particular, of all the cases, 116 of them were against health immunity, 34 were traffic safety and vehicle operation regulations related, 11 against property rights, seven related to corruption, six cases of economy, five against the environment and human sexual freedom and inviolability, and four against public interest and right to life. In addition, three cases against human rights and freedom, illegal use of narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances, two against cyber security, one against children and one against military service were transferred to the court.

Some of the cases that have been referred to the court for indictment include: from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Mongolia, citizen S from China concealed taxable income of 3.8 billion MNT in order to avoid paying taxes, and to issue an act to reduce the amount of violations not reported in the tax return to J.E., who worked as a state tax inspector of Songinokhairkhan District. In the case of bribery and tax evasion, an indictment was made in accordance with Article 22.5 (Giving a bribe), Article 18.3 (Tax evasion) and Article 22.4 (Receiving a bribe) of the Criminal Code in the court of Songinokhairkhan District. 

Moreover, citizen N.E., who worked as the head of the Department of Professional Inspection in Arkhangai Province, was accused of accepting bribes from the director of a company, which operates in the field of gold mining in the territory of the province. The charge was issued in accordance with Article 22.4 (Receiving a bribe) of the Criminal Code, in the first instance court of criminal cases in Arkhangai Province. 

Furthermore, the next case was for money laundering, misleading the public by making false statements, and abusive trading in the operation of a virtual asset service provider. To be more specific, the indictment was made for the director in charge of operations of “I” LLC, and B.G. The executive director made a pre-verbal agreement to commit a crime and traded coins on their own and related persons’ accounts using information that was not publicly available to affect the value of the named coin, according to the Criminal Code, in Sukhbaatar District criminal court of first instance. 

In addition, the prosecutor’s office of Chingeltei District transferred the case of citizens M.G. and R.A to the district criminal court of first instance, who beat a six-year-old child with something trivial, causing minor damage to the health, repeated cruel treatment, and causing physical and emotional pain and suffering, under Article 11.6 (Deliberate infliction of a light injury to health) of the Criminal Code.