Mining collaboration to be intensified with India

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  • 2024-04-14
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Mining collaboration to be intensified with India

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs G.Amartuvshin welcomed Ambassador Atul Malhari Gotsurve of the Republic of India to Mongolia and received a copy of his Credential on April 12. During their meeting, Deputy Minister G.Amartuvshin emphasized the importance of strengthening the “Strategic Partnership” between Mongolia and India. He highlighted the need to expand and enhance cooperation in various sectors such as tourism, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and information technology. 

Additionally, Deputy Minister stressed the significance of enriching the economic cooperation between the two countries with new initiatives, particularly emphasizing the commissioning and successful execution of joint large-scale projects and programs such as oil refineries. In response, Ambassador A.M Gotsurve assured Deputy Minister G.Amartuvshin of India's commitment to bolstering bilateral ties. He pledged to prioritize increasing the frequency of high-level mutual visits, ensuring the timely implementation of Mongolian-Indian joint projects, facilitating the entry of Mongolian mining products into the Indian market, and promoting greater participation of Mongolian students and young professionals in education and employment opportunities in India.