Camel riding service welcomes tourists

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  • 2024-04-15
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Camel riding service welcomes tourists

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has informed that camel riding services have started on the 24th kilometer of the Dalanzadgad-Ulaanbaatar road on the initiative of the Camel Riders’ Association of Khankhongor soum of Umnugovi Province. Domestic and foreign tourists visiting the Gobi region can not only ride camels, but also take photos, go on day trips, and participate in polo matches. Also, opportunity is provided to get to know camel-related rituals and herder families. 

There are quite a few individuals and herders who rent out horses and camels to tourists. Especially during the peak season of tourism, this type of service provider increases dramatically. The Camel Riders’ Association of Khankhongor soum, in order to provide comprehensive services, aimed to build a house of camel riding and promote the culture and heritage. Mongolian camels are Bactrian and have two humps. The Gobi is the perfect place to experience all the fun of camels which are surprisingly more comfortable than horse riding as they walk slowly and gently, and people will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. 

Tariffs for 20 minutes of camel riding starting at 20,000 MNT and 40,000 MNT for 60 minutes. Children can have photos taken at 5,000 MNT and adults at 10,000 MNT. A one-day camel ride costs 100,000 MNT, while participating in a polo tournament costs half of that or 50,000 MNT.