New bike and scooter rental service launched

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  • 2024-04-22
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New bike and scooter rental service launched

A new service for renting bikes and scooters was “born” in Ulaanbaatar City. This means that the scooter rental service “Jet scooter” has a competitor now. “Tapatrip” company, which operates in the field of tourism, introduced the new rental service. Jet scooters are blue and Tapatrip bikes and scooters are red and orange. Lately, they have been checking the quality of their vehicles and connecting them with the payment application. They released the service on April 19, and people were able to ride for free within 24 hours after they bought or charged their online wallet with 30,000 MNT to 100,000 MNT until April 21. 

Citizens have criticized the fact that the rental price of scooters in general is even more expensive than a taxi. One citizen said that it is not comfortable to drive on the bumpy roads in Ulaanbaatar. Then, when it was asked from the executive director of Tapatrip, whether the rental service has prevented such errors, he explained, “We are introducing this service with the aim of reducing traffic jams and air pollution in the capital city, and for citizens to live in a healthy and safe environment. Therefore, scooters and bicycles do not have any negative impact on citizens’ health. For example, scooters have shock absorbers, and the front wheel is designed to be big, so that it does not vibrate in any way. It also has a signal indicating where to turn. Currently, 2,500 bikes and scooters have been put into operation. It is planned to put 10,000 into service in the future”.

The payment was prepared to be paid through the above company’s application, which was created by Mongolians and it currently has about one million users.