Para athletes grab first boccia medals

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  • 2024-05-20
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Para athletes grab first boccia medals

Pajulahti Olympic and Paralympic Training Center located in Nastola, Lahti, hosted the first-ever international World Boccia Challenger Tournament, which took place in Lahti City, Finland on May 9-17. Under the leadership of coaches S.Altankhuyag and L.Ochgerel, three Mongolian athletes participated in the World Tournament.

T.Munkhdemberel grabbed the silver medal in the male BC1 category (athletes who have severe activity limitations affecting their legs, arms and trunk, and typically depend on a powered wheelchair). In the BC2 category (the abilities of a player’s arms and hands often allow them to throw the ball overhand and underhand and with a variety of grasps), Kh.Irmuun, a member of the Mongolian National team, took the bronze medal.

Thus, Mongolian athletes claimed their first Para Boccia medals in an international tournament after seven years of the sport’s development in the country.