B.Ochirvaani cycled 14,000 km to see Manchester United FC

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  • 2024-05-22
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B.Ochirvaani cycled 14,000 km to see Manchester United FC

After cycling 14,000 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar City to Manchester, England, B.Ochirvaani fulfilled his dream. He is a huge fan of Manchester United FC and Wayne Rooney. B.Ochirvaani left Sukhbaatar Square with a bicycle on May 5, 2023 to meet his favorite team. He fulfilled his dream exactly a year later, shaking hands with his favorite player and inspiration Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford. On this occasion, Wayne Rooney said, “When I read your letter to the team, I was really moved and wanted to meet with you in person and say, ‘Well done’ to you. You have created an amazing thing and you have to be proud of yourself”.

B.Ochirvaani said on his social media channel, “I have fulfilled my promise to raise the flag of Mongolia to the world. I put on my deel, spoke in Mongolian, and waved my Mongolian flag. I sincerely thank everyone who has stood by my side until now”. He further said that “Old Trafford was a truly majestic and magnificent football stadium. It’s an indescribable feeling”. 

Two months after he started his journey, he was contacted by the Premier League and invited to participate in a program called “Fan Mail”. Not only did the information about B.Ochirvaani appear on English and foreign sites, but also his brave step out of Mongolia by bike to fulfill his dream was greatly influenced. 

B.Ochirvaani was born on March 9, 1997 in Bayantsogt soum of Tuv Province. He was interested in football since he was 13 years old, and two years later he set his sights on becoming a professional athlete. His dream of playing in “Old Trafford” with the red shirt of “Manchester United” made him known to the world. He posts photos, videos and notes on the Wazza Bikepacking (MGL to Manchester) website. On the page, he wrote “I originally thought of running from Mongolia to Manchester two years ago. I changed my plan because I needed a team to follow me and a car if I ran. Therefore, I chose the path that depends only on my faith and effort and decided to travel by bike. I have never felt like going back or giving up. I was getting closer to the place I wanted to go the most, so I only looked forward.”