Children’s day marked broadly

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  • 2024-06-03
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Children’s day marked broadly

International Children’s Day was celebrated on June 1. The central square was full of people with eye-catching performances to watch, and many games for children to enjoy. Many talented children and actors participated in the festive parade. As they walked past the pavilions built around the square, they were picked up by children from the road, waved, and some greeted them. Second grade students from Mongolian State Conservatory sang the National Anthem and started the Children’s Day. 

After that, 1,000 horsehead fiddlers from Songinokhairkhan District played their tunes, and refreshed the atmosphere. Moreover, a chess and checkers pavilion was placed in the eastern part of the square. Children sat down to play with each other. Some who didn’t get a partner were seen inviting their less experienced little one to the seat and teaching them the basic moves.

An open day “Protect the children” was also held to promote the activities of the police and domestic military organizations. As part of the event, which was organized for the third year, children were introduced to the activities of the police organization, as well as the performance of officers with dogs, hand-to-hand combat, and car exhibition were displayed. Also, it provided necessary training and advice not only to the children who came to the day, but also to their families and guardians.

In addition, various art and sports events were organized. For example, basketball, air rifle, darts, and question and answer competitions were held.  Furthermore, “Kids Art Festival” was held at the National Sports Stadium, with the aim of providing art education, critical thinking, self-expression, and creativity to children.