Water drainage networks strengthened

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  • 2024-06-03
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Water drainage networks strengthened

The National Agency Meteorology and the Environmental Monitoring has informed that there will be more rainfall than the average for many years between June and August. In regards to this, an emergency headquarters is being set up in the Emergency Department. The HQ is responsible for supporting the operations of the capital city and local emergency commissions, providing them with professional methods, and properly distributing manpower and equipment during flash floods. Last summer, there were four flash floods in the capital city, killing people and leaving many families homeless. There are 50 locations in Ulaanbaatar City where floodwaters accumulate. It is said that the 22 drainage network has been renewed and facilities have been strengthened.

The emergency organization also warned that the number of people dying in water accidents is increasing every year. As of the first five months of this year, 16 people died in water accidents. Therefore, officials warned to get a good weather forecast to plan, consider the possible risks when traveling and relaxing along the banks of rivers and streams, and not to go through areas without crossings, and not to cross rivers.