Month-long festival to be organized in Arkhangai Province

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  • 2024-06-07
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Month-long festival to be organized in Arkhangai Province

“Ara fest 2024”, which has numerous fun programs, will be held from July 1-31. The festival will be organized at “Aga complex”, which is located eight kilometers away from Tsetserleg city in Arkhangai Province. The festival is organized by the private sector without the participation of government organizations.

The festival also aims to steadily increase the number of foreign and domestic tourists visiting Arkhangai Province, improve economic circulation, and promote Mongolia’s pristine nature. Organized for the second time, the organizers emphasized that the festival of this year has more interesting programs than last year. For example, artists such as singer D.Bold, rapper ThunderZ, and “Gangbay” band have announced that they will participate in this festival with their performances.

Ara fest 2024, an important event of the heritage month of the Khangai region, will introduce the Mongolian pop music to the world, which incorporates the ethnic style, folk heritage, and clothing traditions that are characteristic of the Mongolian music world. The music festival named Mongol Pop is going to be organized as an Open Air Show on July 14 at the festival. “The Hu” which became known internationally in a short period of time after their magnificent performance in 2016, also will be there at the festival.